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The world
the window
will await
the arrival
of the lost
inside is a
prisoner of
looks out
onto the
to seek the
of love
Unspoken tale
of heartache
the unspoken
words remain
under the
surface the
heart with
the smile
that has
a hidden
frown without
another to
tell the burden
that lies
within the


Ryan Kirby
United States
Im a 35 year old author. Self employed. Welcome to my world. Here you will find my written works and journal entrys. Id like to thank you for taking the time to read my works and creations. We are all gifted as artists in one form or another on deviant art. Im glad to be a a part of the deviant art community.

Current Residence: Kansas, Usa
Personal Quote: No Gods or Kings. Only Man.
As you can tell ive had a severe writers block for the longest time. Mostly writing random poetry and prose free verse on my free time but nothing stood out enough to post on deviantart. Until I wrote Forgiveness. It hits somewhere deep within me because the past haunts me without end. I wasnt always a saint. I was a manipulative person and hurt alot of people. I loved and cared about it. And even though I am forgiven by most. It still haunts me. Its like a reminder of who not to be. The past is a teacher and its taught me well. Poetry and prose is my release. My way of finding peace. Even if its only for awhile. But it feels good to release it to the world. Let the truth come out. To apoligize and seek redemption and forgiveness. I am a different person now and look back at those days like what the hell were you thinking back then and shake my head everytime. Not much you can do however but learn from it and move on. And become a better person as result of it.

In the meaning time ive been supporting indie game developers like minecraft and cube world. Indie game developers tend to innovate while bigger game developers are comfortable with no innovation and following the same formula afraid to be different and innovate. Ironically I find minecraft and cube world are alot cheaper and have endless replay value unlike the sixty dollar games big developers push out and make.I look at popular games like call of duty and just shake my head in disbelief year after year. Same formula with fancy graphics. And unfortuently it will continue so when I can. I like to support those who do innovate and push the limits and boundaries of games.
So thanks to minecraft and cube world. Keep up the good work. The video game industry needs a good kick in the ass. But for now Ill settle supporting innovation.

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